AISIN Clutch Disc

Premium quality, heat resistant and less abrasive facings ensures extended service life of clutch components.
Aisin's disc spring design enhances engagement and release performance.
Floating rubber cushions or twin-hub types ensure low twisting rigidity to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness.


  • OE Quality and a direct fit application.
  • Improved product life by adopting facings with excellent heat and wear resistance.
  • Clutch drag prevented by using circumferential grooves in the facings and ensuring sufficient groove depth.
  • Improved spline sliding properties by using nickel coated splines.
  • Smoother clutch engagement by adopting facings with excellent anti-shudder properties.
  • Reduced drive system vibration and noise through the use of a rigid clutch disc structure and reduced deflection of immobile cushion rubbers.

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